Guest Post: A Dispatch from the Midwest


I’m VERY excited to be handing over the Haricot Blog reins to my good friend Margie for her take on midwestern farmer’s market bounties this summer. Want more of Margie’s recipes? You should. You can find her blogging over at The ProcrastiKitchen.

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Shop Smart: Banking Summer Vegetables


I’ve got too many damned farm- and garden-grown vegetables in my house. But I’m not sweating it. I’m actually loving it. That’s because I’ve got my freezer game on lock.

Not freezing local, organic summer veggies while they’re cheap and plentiful? Come on. Stay woke.

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My Vegetarian Secret: Lao Gan Ma

The month o’ vegetable bounties is upon me! I’m drowning in gifts and CSA shares of squash, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes. TBH, I’m pretty happy about it.

When it comes to cooking the veg bounty, some folks have time and $$$ to attend to protracted recipes filled with a million ingredients.

For the rest of us, there’s Lao Gan Ma.

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When they finally start labeling things the way they should be and strip out the fancy packaging, suddenly the processed junk food stops looking quite as tempting. Packaging / labeling win. 

Keeping Fresh Basil Happy for Weeks 

Okay. By “weeks” I mean up to 10-12 days or so. But hey, it beats my old record of 2-3 days! 

The pros tell me to keep basil on the counter, stems trimmed and in fresh water, with a bag over top to keep leaves from drying out. I’ve been doing this all summer and it works, man. It works! No more slime basil sitting in the fridge! Yaaaay. 

How and Where I Buy Beef


A blog post with all kinds of caveats.

Caveat 1: Okay, well, this is more of a moving target than an expert opinion. I’ve done so much reading, researching, and talking with farmers but I’m still learning. Add to that the market evolves quickly. For example, “grass fed” meant something I could hang my hat on two years ago but today the phrase is being used in different ways, ways I’m not necessarily always comfortable with.

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Guide to Better Sunscreen


Truths: I am half Irish and I married a ginger. These are two reasons why I’m endlessly invested–intellectually and, frankly, economically–in SPF skincare. And you know, it gets applied to the biggest organ in the human body, so I’m always interested in what it contains. And then it’s a manufactured product, which gets washed down the drain and the packaging gets sent to a recycling center or landfill. It feels important to keep footprint in mind, too. SO MANY THINGS. I know! But I did the research and discovered an easy way to find sunscreen that doesn’t suck.   Continue reading